We here at Eutopian Trader like to do things a little different. When you purchase through us, you are automatically accepted into our extended family. We want you to feel at home and we take great pride in always providing that Personal Customer Service, ensuring that your experience will be First Class!


As the Eutopian Trader Family grows, we will always gear our products and services to support and match your needs. We want everyone to have the best possible Customer Experience and enjoy your time with us. We take the time to learn from you drawing upon these experiences, always staying on top of your requests, making Eutopian Trader one of the few places to shop where the Customer is always priority number one! We want you to enjoy your time with us, and come back often.


Our plan is simple, we want to provide each and every client the personal Customer Service that everyone wants, but sadly in this day and age, rarely is provided, but all deserve. As we move towards the future we will work to tailor our service to meet the needs of all ensuring we always providing the best possible Customer Experience.
Eutopian Trader was founded by John Durchak, a Retired Volunteer Fire Fighter and EMT-D living in the Eastern Monmouth County, New Jersey. He worked as a Support Engineer for an international company and later on as an Internet Systems Admin after he graduated from the Chubb Institute with Honors at the top of his class. He started the notion of the company after he was no longer able to work due to health problems 12 years into his career. He started this business with the sale of pocket knives he got from the Cutlery Corner Infomercial on TV during their giant Dealer Sale. He immediately ordered his first set of knives not knowing where he was going to sell them because there were limited avenues where he could sell them in person. He then resorted to selling them online but this was difficult and most of the mediums he used prohibited the sale of these knives as they were considered dangerous. Luckily he found a mobile application known as Mercari which he started using to sell them though after having multiple conversations in which he helped them develop a set of rules in which all future knife sales would have to follow. He became successful in this business so he decided to incorporate the business hereby creating Eutopian Trader, LLC. which he considered as his vision of the perfect place to shop. He then gained loyal customers during the first two months of incorporation which encouraged him to provide his customer not only with his pocket knives but with whatever they desired.

Eutopian Trader is an independently owned and operated E-Commerce Company where we personally welcome all clients and build a high level of trust which isn’t common with many other online stores. Being a former Firefighter and EMT I understands that there are unforeseen and unpredictable emergencies and I created this company to help others be prepared for such situations. We offer First Responder Collectibles, Outdoor Recreation and Emergency Preparedness equipment and gear which evolves constantly with every new client. Customer trust and satisfaction is a priority in our company. We are a Micro or Small Business registered with the state of New Jersey and incorporated as an LLC. We accept both debit and credit cards as payment gateways. We provide a high level of Personal Attention and Customer Service to all clients. We also offer safe services for both clients and their families with lots of products which bring joy and fun be it collectables, militaria or zombies. We have always dreamt of having a purpose which surpasses our personal desires. Our main aim is helping people which is something we love to do from the heart. In this company, efforts are geared towards customer satisfaction and the company has the desire to grow.

John Durchak’s dream to take his company to the next level is a motivational factor which will help him change the lives of several people. Eutopian Traders Company responds to the needs of their customers as they change over time and tries to make sure each and every customer is well served and has the very best experience. This is your go-to company if you are in need of optimal satisfaction of your various needs as they respond according to their client’s needs and wish to engrave a long lasting image of satisfaction in the minds of each and every customer. At Eutopian Trader, we serve according to your needs and your satisfaction is our optimal priority.


Welcome!  My name is John Durchak, the Founder, Owner, and Operator of Eutopian Trader, LLC.  I am a former Volunteer Firefighter and EMT-D in my hometown of Eatontown, New Jersey which is also the base of operations for my company. As a former First Responder, I have always been passionate about helping people, and being able to serve the community in which I live.

In the late 90’s I went to Technical School, graduating with Honor’s from The Chubb Institue. I was hired shortly there after with an International Company starting as a Technical Support Representative and enjoyed working with clients on a daily basis. I was soon promoted into the Development Department working as a Sr. Application Support Engineer. After a number of years, I was able to move up again to Sr. Systems Administrator in Internet Services. Unfortunately, after 12 years, I had to give up my career due to medical issues. However, that was  in 2009, and I have been working hard to overcome these issues.

When I started selling small items on different Online Community Sales Sites and Mobile Apps as a way to compensate for the overwhelming medical bills, I never expected to meet so many amazing people and enjoy it so much. Soon I was seeing a number of return customers and it was shortly after that I decided to incorporate Eutopian Trader. Their continued support and encouragement has allowed me to truly focus on this Company and take it to places I never expected. I have been drawing on my past experiences in career and civil service as well as my working with and being able to effectively communicate with multiple disciplines as well as interacting directly with high profile Customers has become the foundation for how Customers Service is handled and understanding our Customers individual needs, which is paramount, and ensuring only the best possible Customer Experience and Service is provided. As my Company grows, I too grow, this is something that I have always done throughout my life, and now is no exception.

I look forward to the future and with the continued support and encouragement from my many Customers turned friends and am humbled by the ability to serve so many wonderful people. I hope to welcome you to this amazing family that has become Eutopian Trader.

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Eutopian Trader Tac Force Threshold Assisted Open Rescue Pocket Knife
$14.99 each Tac-Force "Threshold" S/A Rescue Knife
4 5 1 Product
2 items in stock
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Eutopian Trader Firekable 5in1 Emergency Paracord Bracelet Front
$6.49 each Firekable 5 in 1 Survival Paracord Bracelet O/B
4 5 1 Product
23 items in stock
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Eutopian Trader Maxam Falcon Iv Mini Keychain Pocket Knife
$2.99 each Maxam® "Falcon IV" Mini Keychain Folder
5 5 1 Product
68 items in stock
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Eutopian Trader Paracord Bracelet Camo Front 10
$7.99 each Universal 5 in 1 Survival Paracord Bracelet - Camo
5 5 1 Product
3 items in stock
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Eutopian Trader Paracord Bracelet Olive Drab Front 10
$7.99 each Universal 5 in 1 Survival Paracord Bracelet - Olive
5 5 1 Product
6 items in stock
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Eutopian Trader Paracord Bracelet Orange Black Front 8
$6.99 each Universal 5 in 1 Survival Bracelet - Orange & Black
5 5 1 Product
2 items in stock
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Eutopian Trader Paracord Bracelet Brown Front 10
$7.99 each Universal 5-in-1 Survival Paracord Bracelet Brown
5 5 1 Product
6 items in stock
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Eutopian Trader, LLC is a Small Online Retail Business based in Central Jersey providing our Customers a Unique Online Shopping Experience! Our priority IS our Customers, and not a some campaign slogun. We carry Gear for Outdoor Enthusiasts with a wide selection of Pocket & Rescue Knives, Survival & Safety Kits, Accessories and more. 

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